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you kiss me once to show me you love me and hold me near. [entries|friends|calendar]
Sweet cotton candy Kisses

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tummy aches and the need for chocolate [3.21.07 - 3.14pm]
[ mood | look at that pout ]

well my day actually has been going considerably well. went to school and everything was pretty laid back today, actually a bunch of highschool students came and i didnt even have to yell at one of them because they're blocking my way. Bunny actually e-mailed my phone during my english where i was bored out of my mind and needed company but i think messages didnt reach his e-mail in time because he stopped e-mailing me. oh well..

i'm probably gunna pay yu-chan a visit today because apparently if i dont go and hang out with her for a couple of days her boyfriend starts to freak out thinking i commited suicided.... weird i know but its really not my problem.. he said that i can come with him and yu-chan next time they go to a street race so im being nice to him now....

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one two three hits four [3.19.07 - 2.13pm]
[ mood | oh my help me ]

ack... i am like a vegetable today... i just dont want to do a damn thing... except for one thing but that is to nc-17 to say....

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sleep, a necissary comodity [2.28.07 - 9.34am]
[ mood | quack ]

i'm having one of thos crappy moments where i just dont't really want to do anything... i want to go home and sleep....

spring break is going to suck!! i finally got another offer to san pedro island but now i cant go because i already said id you river rafting with yu-chan and the b. dragons... stupid asian gang... love them but im still not wearing the bandana.......

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[2.15.07 - 9.53am]
[ mood | content and weird ]

Yu-chan and I went into the woods the other day to go and hang out at our fallen tree for a while. It was pretty fun until we went to this other spot that kind of looked like a mini swamp…. We realized something was following us through the woods… what really sucked was that the sun was setting. Once the foot steps got really close yu-chan screamed run and we bolted out of their like two scared rabbits We still are wondering what was stalking us but one thing is for sure, once the sun starts to set we’re going back home…

Valentines Day was pretty normal for me….. I got candy, ate it all and then stole my mother’s candy… I also got to hang out with Seth and Raphael…. We played “guess that song” because some bright idiot decided to put a karaoke machine in the middle of the commons building… so many songs died that day due to terrible singing skills.

AH HA!! I have come up with a name for the smell of those orange Clorox bleach wipes that my mom uses! Airline throw up! Those bleach wipes smell like someone has just thrown up on an airplane!! You know? That clean airliner smell mixed with the putrid odor of someone’s bacon and eggs breakfast?

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[2.13.07 - 8.45am]
[ mood | if kitty is no smile, you bad ]

Well today I came to school early because I was supposedly supposed to take a class today. Turns out the class isn’t on Tuesday but on a Thursday. Now I’m in a slightly pissed off mood, but knowing me I’ll get over it sooner or later. Now procrastination is what I want to do but no longer cant. I must finish 2 papers by today along with one drawing and two layouts for a painting and poster. The first paper is my English paper with evocative imagery, and lots of it. Only problem is that I’m currently having a writers block and cant come up with any good scenarios. The second paper is for humanities on a self portrait. In the end this one is probably going to make me want to pull out my hair. The drawings and layouts shouldn’t be too much, just simple things.

Yu-chan and I have finally gotten back to playing splinter cell. Unfortunately we ran into another mission that has us stuck though. We tried to ask a couple of friends how to get pass it but they don’t play the game, except for tetsu. I’m just wondering if this is going be like the mission with all the god damn steam pipes, we died at least 50 times before we finally beat the stupid thing.

I finally got into the habit of exercising every day, but don’t know if you call aimlessly walking in the woods exercising. Its fun though and that is what should count really. I realized that there are lots of bunnies in our woods and that probably when I see dog prints I should start heading home. I have yet to see a dear though and that makes me slightly sad. I want to see god damn bambi.

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new day in college.... [1.18.07 - 12.06pm]
starting college today after the last 2 days being cancelled.. its just lovely.... i really need to go back home... apparantly all my friends went back to hawaii for christmas break and i was the only one missing, it really sucks to be the one missing. when they went for a coffee run they bought a mint steamer for me and sat it infront of a chair... it makes me seem like im dead!! why!!

anyways i should really be getting to class soon....
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[1.12.07 - 2.33pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well mother is being a meany... nshe took away my cell phone again, i can understand when its for me running up the bill but this time i kept within the goddman bill an did absolutely nothing! another thing she did was take away my electric piano... i like to play it alot but her reason for taking it is "since your sister is more talented in the music area she should get the piano." their has never been a moment in time like that where i just want let loose on her and tell her everything i felt for her for18 years.... that bitch.

finally finished with getting ready for college. 6 classes in total and 16 credit hours...ack...

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uh hehehe [1.8.07 - 9.59am]
im sorry abour the lack of posting but i promise ill get one done by tomorrow!!! promise!!
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I was told that i had to post something [1.2.07 - 12.35pm]
[ mood | uh............ meow?? ]


oh well honestly theirs not really anything to interesting happening in my life right now. New years was a blast.... sort of, i almost got blown up like 5 times.... damn kids and their black cats.... but i changed how my room looks now. everything is different in it, christopher rabbit has now replaced benji the duck in my bed, for those who dont know what those 2 things are and currently thinking dirty, get your mind out of the gutter (alyssa). nothing really new is happening...

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Laughing my head off [12.20.06 - 11.44am]
Im just really giggleing about somethings right now. I wont say what im giggling about because that would get me in trouble :D

today will probably be another uneventfull day. I have to walk up to the store later on, its a 2 mile walk by the way, and get my phone card recharge so i can call chris on our 6 month aniver. I dont mind the walk, what i mind is the guy who works their and always flirts with me. You'd think he would get the idea that im not intrested if i played the "im mute and only like to nod my head yes or no" game.... oh well.

im probably gunna apply for the computer job at my college since Seth and Sylvia are working there already..... slightly good at computers and since the job only requires you to have a small knowlege of basic programs i think ill be fine.
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Im so glad that winter vacation has come, but those stupid nightmares wont give me a rest [12.19.06 - 7.02am]
[ mood | happy but yet uncomfortable ]

my brain is recuperating from the massive amounts of thinking i have been doing so right now.... im basiclly stupid.... I cant really think sensible about everything and mostly just walk around with an idiotic grin on my face.

My parents are currently having a hell of a time trying to find me a christmas present, i never told them what i wanted for christmas or even given remote hints of what i would like. Im finding so much humor in it but i think i should give them a break sooner or later. They've already bought all my sisters their presents and think im some how gunna feel bad because i have a lack of gifts this year... honestly i really dont care, there not that many things that im really truly inrested in possesing these days and the things that i actually want i usually buy myself.

Nightmares arnt something that happens to me very often and they usually dont really affact me. The last nightmare that i had that really woke me up and had me crying was one that had chris getting shot, sat and bawled like a baby for a while but eventually i went to sleep .... unfortunately for some odd reason the nightmare that i had last night really irked me to the point that i waited until sunrise befor i went back to sleep. The dream wasn't even that bad, all it consisted of was me sitting in bed and cursing at my closet door and screaming "i know your in there Jebadiah"... now what scared me though was what could of been behind the closet door.... in my dream i never approached the closet, when i woke i also avoided my closet at all costs... im not some child anymore and know that a dream shouldn't affect me this much, but i really cant help it... ack...

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[12.15.06 - 9.41am]
Sorry about lack of entries!! College is almost done so hopefully ill get one up soon!! Maybe Sunday, it all really just depends
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Ok better entry now! yays! [12.2.06 - 10.02am]
[ mood | guess what the kitty is saying ]

Day off really started with me finding out that my family is going to go and pick the Christmas tree with out me this year, it been a long time since I went to a Christmas tree farm and when I did live in Santa Barbra for that short period of time it was something I always looked forward to. Kinda feel left out in it but oh well, I’m only 18, sooner or later in life I’m probably going to end up pick out Christmas trees with my kids every year, that is if I ever have kids and if that the case Chris is a big enough kid to drag around :D

I brought Strawberry Pocky to Yu-chan yesterday and in the moment of exchange we both decided on the spot that this month we were going to torture her boyfriend at work….. Poor Tetsu doesn’t know what’s coming to him, but its his fault that every time he sees me he doesn’t say hi but instead drives away faster than normal…. I only threatened him once, and it wasn’t even that violent, well at least not as violent as it could be….
=(-^-^-)= ::insert sweat drop here::

Right now its only 9:58am and I’m extremely board as usual… at least this time not going into some nonsense ramble like I usually do…. I’m not right?

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boo! <3 [12.2.06 - 8.51am]
[ mood | look! theirs my smile ]

Yesterday I went outside to hang out with my neighbor and I realized that JJ, the little boy who lives down the street, has been telling everyone that I’m his girlfriend. See the problem with this is one, I have a boyfriend. Two, he’s only 13. Three, he’s really annoying. I’m trying to find ways to get him away from me, but they don’t seem to be working well… ack

Ill post a longer entry when I get out of math class… which is in like 10 min.

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reall really bored [11.30.06 - 1.28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well im at school… im bored…. Not much to really say….

I went shopping this morning and bought some warmer clothes for myself… yup scarfs, long sleeve shirts and what not….

Waiting… for a phone cal from chris… yuppers… really bored

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TLU [11.28.06 - 2.22pm]
I got my application today for that one university. It's actully a very pretty place and the people seem really friendly.
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Sick as hell and hating it [11.27.06 - 9.27am]
[ mood | im all green ]

I caught my sister's illness the other day and im not liking it much.... i have a sore throat, congestion, coughing, and also a slight fever.. the things im doing just to earn my degree... once i get home from college i might just take a nap instead of practicing piano.

checked myspace today finally and skye made me cry... she put a picture of me and her and keeps telling me how she misses me and that once again i must get my dandy ass back and drag my boyfriend with... first off i cant afford the trip all the way to hawaii and second.... im scared what they'd do to chris.... i've seen my friends interrogate a boy and its not to pretty, actually its totally humiliating...

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cold and still happy [11.21.06 - 11.03am]
[ mood | content ]

currently talking to hubby while writing this so no matter if my hands are frezzing im really happy right now.

I got the Da vinici code the other day and watched it with my little sister. ITs an ok movie, i dont usually watch movies that require solving puzzles.... I prefer CSI if my brain feels like to be challenged

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Shopping is not always fun [11.20.06 - 9.38am]
[ mood | snarf ]

well.... not very much to be said about the weekend. Saturday i went to school and skipped my first class, math, because I needed to finish some work on the computer at school. Sunday I went shopping with my mother(I dont usually go shopping for myself most of the times i go shopping its because my sisters need new clothes or its a birthday)and was browsing around when i found this pullover that i thought was neat. I showed it to may mother and was very willing to pay for it with my own money, unfortunately she told me to put back the sweater and said "you are not allowed to look cheap." this pissed me the hell off greatly... So i did what i was taught to do "put up and shut up" I dont have the courge to go and outright yell at my mother, it wasnt the way i was raised and even at 18yrs i still dont talk back to my parents like my sisters do.

I found a solilquie that i did for my senior year in highschool at the Shakespeare festival. It brings back great memories because me and my friends loved to dress up no matter what the part, so i ended up coming to school as a man from that era! I loved the whole thing! Most of the girls and guys in my class ended up doing a solilquie from "Romeo and Juliet", whilst me and my troop of thespians did scenes and solilquies from "All's well that end's well" and "Love's Labours Lost". We killed the festival!

I love my Highschool memories!! so much that i wish i could make more!

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[11.16.06 - 4.40pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I went to class today and we had a lecture from 2 different local artists. The first artist was more into sculpture if anything but her exhibits were mainly of type of art called “Installation”, this is where a whole room is turned into a piece of artwork in which a person can interact with, not watching from afar like most exhibits but actually give you something to touch, smell, and hear. Unfortunately I didn’t pay to much attention to this one because I was to busy talking to my friend Seth about how this morning I lost a bet and had to go to class looking like a Bavarian crème puff(my sister said that if she woke up before me I would have to make my hair look like that girl from Charlie’s angels and wear it for a week… she woke up at 4:00 am to get ready for school… I woke up an hour after). The second lady did a style of photography that integrated the classical look of old photos (an originally black and white picture tinge with color) with a new age thought. The cluster of photos that she had brought us to view was titled “the 21 different looks of Tara: Hindu god of compassion”. The pictures were that of real people posed, in different ways and photo shopped, to represent the different aspects of Tara. He work is beautiful and I hope to buy a piece of it for Christmas.

Once that class was over me and Seth decided to go get some food at the campus’s cafeteria. We ended up sitting down at a table watching Nightmare before Christmas and had a “jolly” good time arguing which Tim Burton movie was better. Of course me being me, and having the ability to scare the holy fudge monkeys out of certain men, won the argument.

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